“The First” -from Morgan Mosby’s Blog

Earlier this month Pikes Peak Elite’s Morgan Mosby travelled to Canada to race. In her blog “To Run Like Hell”  Morgan shares her experiences on her first international track trip.

This week hosted a lot of firsts for me.

1) My first international trip by myself

2) My first trip to Canada

3) My first international races

4) My first outdoor races of 2015

What fun this week was. No, my times and places in the races were not what I had hoped for, but I am still counting them as wins. At the Speed River Inferno race in Guelph, Ontario, I raced my first 1500m in two years. Talk about a rust buster. Then three days later, in the Aileen Meagher International Track Classic, it was 5 degrees celsius and raining. I was grateful for the experience because less than ideal conditions are invaluable tools to add to your mental arsenal.

During my time up north, I met some really cool people. Great conversations were had and many laughs were shared. The scenery was divine. Being from Colorado we get a lot of sun and a lot of snow (sometimes even at the same time). But rainy, overcast Seattle type weather is far and few between. Nova Scotia presented just those types of conditions. On my last training run in Halifax, I ran through a park and ended up at the ocean. The soft palette of blues and grey’s had an innately peaceful calm to it.

Thank you to my competitors for giving me the opportunity to race, to my new friends for a memorable trip, the Speed River, the hospitable Aileen Meagher crew, and of course, to the Air Force for any of this to be possible.

May these races and this trip be the first of many.

~To Run Like Hell~

First International Race

Beautiful scenery in Guelph

Lovely chapel in Downtown Guelph

Rainy days in Halifax

Race Bib!

View of the track and the city from my building